Aquarium Glue – Choosing The Right Fish Tank Glue

Aquarium glue is somewhat a touchy subject as far as the aquarium hobby is concerned. Various types of glues are used in this subject for different purposes. Some of these are dry clear and invisible and others just hold on to the water as in a fish tank glued with the silicon base glue. Silicon glue is primarily used in order to form a waterproof bond in manufacturing and repair of various glass aquariums including the Fluval aquarium and Solana aquarium. These glues are also used in making fake aquarium and cool aquariums. You should always consider the safety of glue before purchasing one for your aquarium because certain chemical based glues release harmful chemicals into the water after certain time.

Aquarium Glue Types

Many people know it as super aquarium glue contains a substance called Cyanoacrylate. The super glue consisting 100% cyanoacrylate are harmful for your aquariums. This glue is easily available at various hobby stores aquarium glueas most of the hobbyists make use of this glue in various models. When you are purchasing this glue for the purpose of fragging, it is best to make use of the thicker version that usually sets slowly known as Gel or by some people as gap filling. Always make use of this thicker version as it is well known to fill irregularities of the coral in a better manner to plug/disk and provide a longer working duration. The gel glue is available at cheaper rates as compared to the other version.

Silicon Glue

Silicon sealants or adhesives are powerful and flexible glues that are used in different applications. Even though silicon sealant is not a strong adhesive as compared to the other sealants, but they remain very flexible even after fully drying up or fixing up. This aquarium glue can withstand the high temperatures thereby making it ideal for different applications that are exposed more to heat. These adhesives are available in different types and you can purchase a suitable one as per your requirements. You should try to purchase 100% silicone sealants that are aquarium safe in order to fix leakages, bonding rocks and other applications. You should avoid the silicon adhesives with mold inhibitors.

Aquarium Epoxy

It is another type of aquarium glue which is mainly used in the construction of aquarium. Before purchasing an aquarium epoxy you should make sure that the brand you are purchasing is reef safe. You should also check out the glue pH like for small and medium aquariums you can use glue having acidic pH. The acidic pH glue dries and hardens quickly enabling you to fill water in the aquarium within 24 hours. For the large aquariums you can make use of the glass glue. They take 2-3 days to dry and are more robust and resistant than the acidic pH glue. You can purchase this glue from various aquarium supply stores at discounted prices.

Therefore, before purchasing aquarium glue you need to keep various factors in mind in order to make an intelligent purchase.

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