Toronto Aquarium – A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Ripley’s Aquarium

Toronto Aquarium  is located in one of the largest cities in Canada and is the capital city of Ontario. Toronto is situated in the South Ontario on the north western shore of the Ontario Lake. Being located on the shore of a lake, Toronto is about to have its first aquarium. Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium is all set to make a big splash in the year 2013. This will be one of the cool aquariums of all times in comparison to the other aquariums in Canada. Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto will be one of the prime locations in Canada. The aquarium guys will be appointed after they pass various tests and proper training regarding animal husbandry and customer service. Seahorse aquarium will be one of the most highlighting features of this aquarium.

Toronto Aquarium

Shark Tank will be one the major showpieces of this new Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium. The visitors will be allowed to walk beneath the sea and the 3 meter long dangerous sharks. There will be different species of shark in aquarium and the will be able to experience them in closely through the tunnel. The acrylic tunnel in this aquarium will cut a 96metres long swath all the way through the shark lagoon. This shark lagoon will be a habitat of various species of sharks including the sand tiger sharks, sawfish and dozens of other shark species. It will be the longest structure of its kind in the entire North America with a moving walkway, running all through the length of the acrylic tunnel. This walkway will allow the visitors to step and off and closely experience the natural habitat of these marine creatures.

toronto aquarium

Other Highlights

The Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium will be one of its own kinds and will be the largest aquariums in North America. This $130 million worth aquarium will hold more than double the volume of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool. This aquarium will have a capacity of holding of 5.7 million litres of water. Swimming in this water will be more than 13000 sea, fresh water and semi water creatures of about 450 different species. Other than the sharks, this aquarium will also be a home to sea dragons, sea turtles, star fish, jelly fish and other myriads of sea creatures. These animals and sea creatures will be from the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and other Great Lakes.

The main exhibition space of the Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium will be including a tropical reef tank as well as great lakes exhibit and Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic habitats. The aquarium will feature an aquatic life support system along with special recovery basins that will reclaim, clean and re use the water automatically. Trained educators will be present to answer to the visitors questions and will point out the special interest areas. This aquarium will appoint near about 600 people during the construction phase and 300-350 employees in the operation period and is expected to generate more than $25 million of taxes for all the government levels.

Therefore, Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium will be a landmark and one of the major attractions in Canada.

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